Defective Product Injuries

Recovery from defective auto, medical, and consumer products

Defective Products - whether it's an automotive part, a medical device, or a consumer product - effect thousands of people each year, many of whom aren't aware of the rights or options afforded them by law. The Bell Legal Group is one of the few firms in the United States that has successfully pursued serious product defect cases against industry giants in the automotive, medical, and consumer industries. Since our firm's founding in 1983, our South Carolina attorneys have acquired deep knowledge, in precise detail and depth, about product design and specification - information that we apply to help clients win the best possible compensation in their product liability claims.

Automobile defects cause injuries

This is a tragedy for many families. Far too often, motor vehicle manufacturers do not produce cars and trucks that conform to basic standards for safety. Some manufacturers strive to meet or exceed safety standards only if it significantly helps their bottom line. Unfortunately, lawsuits that hold companies accountable and that discourage the production of unsafe products are very expensive and complex. We use state-of-the-art research and trial tools to litigate your personal injury case and help to prevent these tragic accidents in the future:

Medical device product liability attorneys

We have seen it all. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping victims of defective and dangerous medical devices. Through an aggressive team approach that combines a century of industry experience, we devise effective strategies for achieving the best outcome in your case in the most efficient manner possible. With medical professionals on staff and a network of medical experts at our disposal, we build a comprehensive products liability case on your behalf. We understand the technical nature of medical claims and secure the compensation you need and deserve to recover from your injuries. Our team handles all types of medical malpractice and products liability claims, including lawsuits involving:

Innovative on-site Research Lab

At Bell Legal Group, we will employ a number of scientists, researchers, and specialists across a number of industries and markets to help us recreate "the scene" or the product malfunction for any given case in question. Our on-site research facility enables us to:



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