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Bell Legal Group is committed to guiding individuals through some of the most challenging life crises they may encounter. Our experienced team possesses the expertise needed to achieve favorable results in intricate cases. In fact, since our establishment in 1983, we have built a reputation for accomplishing outcomes that eluded others.

Our attorneys diligently strive to deliver a superior level of legal services, and our staff invests time and effort into addressing the unique requirements of each client.

Our Science and Research Lab

In addition to our experienced legal team, Bell Legal Group stands as the sole law firm in the United States with its dedicated state-of-the-art Science & Research Lab, meticulously designed for the precise recreation of accidents or crime scenes. This cutting-edge facility empowers us to integrate pioneering advancements into our personal injury investigations and litigation endeavors. More specifically, our research center boasts the necessary resources to faithfully replicate the exact conditions of your personal injury case, enabling us to unearth the genuine facts surrounding the incident. We rigorously assess our hypotheses in a practical environment, yielding compelling visual aids for use in trial presentations.

We also employ and consult a team of:

  • Trained engineers
  • Researchers
  • Private investigators
  • Psychiatrists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Former police officers
  • Crash investigators
  • Economists 
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • And anyone else we need to find out what happened

People Helping People

At Bell Legal Group, we comprehend the emotional distress and apprehension that personal injury cases inflict upon you and your loved ones—a reality we encounter daily. Our legal team provides empathetic and considerate guidance during this challenging period while crafting tailored strategies aimed at achieving your legal goals.

By choosing our law firm for your personal injury case, you gain access to the wealth of experience amassed by our attorneys, which collectively surpasses 100 years. Our team convenes regularly to deliberate on case-specific strategies, examine legal precedents, and stay abreast of new legislation.

A Contingency Fee Arrangement to Ease Your Financial Burden

Asserting your entitlement to compensation shouldn’t impose a financial burden on you. Our contingency agreement ensures that you only incur attorney fees once you’ve successfully obtained compensation from the negligent parties responsible for your injuries. In the rare event that we don’t secure a recovery, there won’t be any legal fees charged to you. We take the time to comprehensively clarify our billing processes and the contingency fee contract during your initial consultation, ensuring full transparency about what to anticipate before you decide to retain our services.


Bell Legal Group is unwavering in its commitment to championing the rights of victims and survivors affected by the water contamination at U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Our primary objective is to seek justice by ensuring that those accountable for concealing critical information, leading to severe health conditions and the loss of lives among our brave servicemen and women, are held responsible.

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