Ed Bell Appointed Lead Counsel for Camp Lejeune Lawsuit

J. Edward Bell III of the Bell Legal Group has been named lead counsel for the Camp Lejeune lawsuit, bringing years of experience to this monumental litigation. As founder and senior partner of his South Carolina law firm, Ed—as his clients know him—has long been committed to helping those harmed by the water at Camp Lejeune. This appointment affords him oversight of the litigation, responsibilities for which he has been preparing for decades. Ed Bell’s dedication to seeing this historic case through makes him an excellent advocate and leader for the plaintiffs.

Meet the Team of Lawyers for the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit

After careful consideration, the Eastern District Court judges appointed J. Edward Bell III, of the Bell Legal Group, as lead counsel for the litigation. The Court also appointed six additional Camp Lejeune lawyer co-leads as follows:

  • Zina Bash, partner at Keller Postman, co-lead and government liaison
  • Elizabeth Cabraser, of Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann and Bernstein
  • Michael Dowling of the Dowling Firm
  • Robin Greenwald of Weitz & Luxenberg
  • James A. Roberts III of Lewis & Roberts
  • Mona Lisa Wallace of Wallace & Graham

Advocating for Camp Lejeune Veterans

Ed and his associates have spent years speaking with Camp Lejeune veterans whose cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and other health conditions resulted from exposure to contaminated water. The responsibility of leading representation for a case this pivotal is something Ed Bell has been looking forward to, giving those harmed a chance to be heard in court. 

Anyone harmed by Camp Lejeune water contamination has until August 2024 to file a claim; as of March 1, 2024, 174,891 administrative claims had been filed with the Department of Navy. Administrative claims that are declined or unresolved by the Navy, within 6 months, are eligible to join the Camp Lejeune lawsuit. 

Between February 11, 2023 and March 1, 2024, 1,633 litigation cases have been filed in the Eastern District Court, with more expected to follow. As the litigation updates continue, Camp Lejeune lawyers and claimants get closer to learning how this historic legal battle will unfold. 

Lobbying for a Change 

Ed Bell has been championing change for Camp Lejeune veterans for 15 years, and has met with more than 200 members of Congress, seeking change for Camp Lejeune veterans and their families. His efforts in getting the Camp Lejeune Justice Act legislation passed were instrumental in allowing lawsuits against the Government to proceed. The plaintiffs of the Camp Lejeune lawsuit couldn’t ask for a more committed lead counsel than J. Edward Bell III.