Camp Lejeune Status Update: Motions & Depositions

The first status hearing conference for 2024 centered around pending Motions regarding Camp Lejeune discovery and a jury trial, plus depositions progress. Though this hearing on January 9th was brief, the topics were vital to the case’s progress. Each side provided an update for the Honorable Magistrate Judge Robert Jones.

The Plaintiffs’ lead Camp Lejeune counsel, Edward Bell, addressed the Court first. He requested a ruling in abeyance, or suspension, on two outstanding Motions: a Motion to Compel and a Motion for Protective Order. The Plaintiffs’ counsel and the Defense are close to reaching an agreement on the discovery issues that prompted the Motions; the Court commended their efforts and willingness to work toward a resolution. The Court expects an update within two weeks.

The Defense’s update provided a reminder of the pending Motions on their side, both of which will be influential to upcoming trials. One Motion that concerns Camp Lejeune Plaintiffs is the Defense’s Motion to Strike the Demand for a Jury Trial. The other was the Partial Summary Judgment of an estate representative which will help define who can file a lawsuit for Camp Lejeune. Judgment on these will be provided separately from this conference.

A promising update for the Courts was the beginning of depositions of Track 1 Discovery Pool Plaintiffs. Several had taken place by this hearing and many more were scheduled. Despite the Government’s opposition and controversial Motion to Strike the Demand for a Jury Trial, moving forward with Camp Lejeune depositions is a promising sign to those awaiting the outcomes of these proceedings.

Read the entire transcript of the Camp Lejeune January 2024 Status Conference to learn more.